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If you are an ardent user of social media, Twitter especially, the word clowning is not news to you. You’ve seen it, probably used it or are a living breathing example of one.

Clown /klaʊn/

noun: clown; plural noun: clowns

1. a comic entertainer, especially one in a circus, wearing a traditional costume and exaggerated make-up.

Similar: a foolish or incompetent person.

“we need a serious government, not a bunch of clowns”

Verb: clown; clowns; past tense: clowned; past participle: clowned; present participle: clowning

Here’s how I understand the use of this phrase. It is used to show or indicate…

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At one point or another on our life’s journey, we have all required an extra pair of hands to clean up after ourselves. The reasons vary, from busy schedules to not knowing how to do a particular task or being downright lazy. It is allowed, I am the laziest person I know.

Washing pots and doing laundry come different for various households — I mean, to each their own. If you have grown up the African way with a full house, chances are that the work was divided basing on either gender, assumptions of one’s horsepower or their idly running…

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“A senior three student writes better than you, did you apply any brains while you were writing this?”

This is not a statement you want to hear after submitting a document you’ve devoted some time or sacrificed sleep to deliver, right?

Has anyone ever given you “feedback” that left you feeling so worthless and incapable of going on? Could it be that we often confuse criticism with giving feedback? Do we know the difference? Or am I a millennial who doesn’t know how the world operates and as I have been told before “you millennials want everything given to you…

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Heeeeeeey. It has been a minute!

I haven’t written here in a while; shocking given that writing constitutes about 90% of my day hustle. One would think that picking up writing on here would be easy. Spoiler alert: it isn’t. Despite having close to 8 blog ideas in my head, none has materialized yet. In the pursuit of 360° wellbeing, I identified some of the reasons why I’ve been struggling (still do) with writing and I am working towards either resolving or working around them. It’s a messy process, some days are good and I feel like Serena Williams and…

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Dear Ugandan Service Provider, we need to talk.

I hope this letter finds you thriving, staying positive and testing negative.
I am not well for you have had me disgruntled and rethinking Ugandan citizenship for a while.

With the pandemic came stringent measures to curb the spread that halted everything, movement but most livelihoods. We all had to find another way to forge ahead. You, service providers, opted for online service delivery. Whereas I recognise the abrupt drastic shift, you have been terrible at it and by the looks of things, are adamant to change.

Like all relationships, a business…

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Have you ever desired to belong? In a space, with a group of people or just a place?

Growing up, I don’t remember ever wanting or struggling to, we were a group of children in the neighbourhood that would do almost everything together. We went to the same school and always walked, early morning when we didn’t wait for the school truck and late in the evening. We would save our break money to buy sugar canes and ice to eat on the way back home. …

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It is the last day of July and boy am I glad that the month is finally done. I hate July.

Hear Me

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Welcome to the side of me I rarely share with everyone. Poems that embody unsaid thoughts and feelings.

Beautifully Unfinished

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“If you don’t come out of this lockdown with a mastered skill, you’re a failure…” If I had a dollar for each time I have read or been told the above; I would have money to pay this month’s rent and the electricity bill. I find this phrase to be disingenuous, for it doesn’t take into consideration the various lived experiences and processes that people go through.

A process is defined as a series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end. It’s a given, we all process situations and circumstances differently. …

“About a month ago, I liked your pictures, about a month ago, I sent you a DM, about a month ago, I shot my shot any you ignored, now valentine is coming, where is your boyfriend? You are seated at home, lonely, your mates are getting flowers and you’re seated at home, lonely” (Mr. Cocoyam, Where is your boyfriend 2017)

An internet sensation that is so popular on Valentine’s Day, well most of the male contacts had it on their status last year, a mode of taunting and dealing with rejection, possibly. …

Birungi Hazel

Continuously fighting the procrastination monkey to successfully adult.

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